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Veterinary Regenerative Medicine Company Celavet Launches to Develop Stem Cell Technologies for Orthopedic Conditions

Initial R&D focuses on enabling injured horses to regain
fullest potential as competitors, performers, workers or companions

OXNARD, Calif., March 20, 2008Celavie Biosciences LLC has expanded their research on stem cell treatment to veterinary applications with a new subsidiary, Celavet Inc. Targeting the veterinary marketplace, the regenerative medicine company develops stem cell-based therapies for the treatment and prevention of orthopedic injuries and diseases in large and small animals, restoring health and mobility.

“We realized that a veterinary application offered the fastest path to market for our revolutionary stem cell technology, so Celavet was born,” said Sandy Solmon, CEO and President of Celavie Biosciences, who is also the lead investor. “We can use the same technology we are developing for the treatment of degenerative diseases of the central nervous system in humans to treat animals with tendon and ligament injuries, unleashing the innate healing power of cells to achieve fiber alignment.”

Celavet’s proprietary technology is based on the hypothesis that Celavet stem cells’ pluripotential nature allows them to differentiate into multiple cell types, and rapidly restore, remodel, and renew tissues that have been damaged by trauma or degenerative disease. Celavet is accumulating evidence that their stem cells are hypo- or non-immunogenic and do not cause an immune response.

Celavet’s research and development program is based on fundamental discoveries in human stem cells made by the scientific team over the past 14 years. Both Celavie and Celavet use the latest technological breakthroughs to produce large banks of undifferentiated cells with uniform qualities utilizing closed-system bioreactors. The cells are grown in a specialized patented medium that allows them to maintain their sterility and genetic stability over the course of the manufacturing process.

“We are applying our proprietary technology across four mammalian lines, with all lines expressing similar stem cell markers,” explained Solmon. “Research in one area feeds the product pipeline in another area.”


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