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Cells are grown in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice in a specialized medium inside a closed-system bioreactor that assures stability and uniformity of the manufacturing process. After meeting stringent screening requirements for viability, genetic stability, and sterility, they are then stored in a cryobank. 

When required for treatment, our cells are thawed, reintroduced to the transportation medium, and shipped to the treating physician overnight. Our technology allows for commercial-scale production and banking of our cells.

Proprietary culture conditions defined by Celavie’s media composition and strict environmental control allow production of large banks of homogeneous, genotypically and phenotypically stable cells. A single cell line can lead to 1 million therapeutic doses. Our technology is translatable between mammalian species and has been shown to produce human, equine, canine and feline cells that are all characterized by uniform stem cell marker expression, non-tumorigenicity, and hypo-immunogenicity. Our technology is protected by international patents and trade secrets.

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Changing the Paradigm of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Technology