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Stem Cell Technology Start-Up Celavie Biosciences Founded and Funded by Sweet Street Desserts CEO Sandy Solmon

Regenerative medicine company develops therapies for
Parkinson’s disease and other central nervous system disorders

OXNARD, Calif., April 30, 2006—Advancement in medical treatments for degenerative diseases has a new ally in Celavie Biosciences LLC, newly founded and funded by entrepreneur Sandy Solmon, CEO of Sweet Street Desserts®. The private, emerging-growth medical technology company develops stem cell-based regenerative therapies for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and other disorders of the central nervous system (CNS), for which there are no long-term treatments or cures.

“At Celavie, we are dedicated to regenerative treatments addressing the cause, not the symptoms,” said CEO and President Solmon, who is also the lead investor of Celavie Biosciences. “The primary focus of our technology is to address the loss of function and devastation associated with Parkinson’s disease and other disorders of the central nervous system.”

Celavie’s technology originated with the theory that undifferentiated stem cells are able to react to the micro-environment into which they are injected and mature into multiple cell types dictated by their new surroundings. Unlike commonly used pre-differentiated cell, this would allow the undifferentiated cells to address diseases with complex multifactorial deficiencies in their entirety.

With the infusion of financial support, leadership, and business acumen from Solmon, Celavie’s team of scientists is better positioned to accelerate development in Parkinson’s disease and expand other promising programs. Using the latest technological breakthroughs, Celavie produces large banks of undifferentiated cells with uniform qualities utilizing closed-system bioreactors. The cells are grown in a specialized patented medium that allows them to maintain their sterility and genetic stability over the course of the manufacturing process.

“Our cells are not a last resort for the hopeless but a first line treatment for the hopeful,” added Solmon. “At Celavie, we envision a future in which the scourge, suffering, and wasted human potential caused by the global burden of disease has been eliminated through the power of science, leadership, collaboration, and compassion.”

A dynamic entrepreneur recognized worldwide for innovation, philanthropy and cutting-edge research, Solmon built Sweet Street Desserts into the world’s largest manufacturer of frozen gourmet deserts, now selling in over 70 countries with over 700 employees. Driven by her passion for harnessing scientific discovery for the advancement of humanity, Solmon has committed to investing significant time and capital in Celavie Biosciences to tap the innate healing power of cells with the goal of relieving suffering across the globe.

Celavie seeks additional investors and strategic partners with the resources, knowledge, and capability to help drive the growth and realize the potential of Celavie’s groundbreaking approach, which holds the promise of revolutionizing the paradigm of regenerative medicine.


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